P-100 Series

-Small lightweight hydrostatic portable capable of testing up to 30,000 PSI with an Air-Driven Piston Pump
- Can be configured with reservoirs, chart recorders, and more.
ps-100 air driven pump non-lubricated

PS-100 Series

-Air-driven pump, non-lubricated, pressure ranges from 0-500, 0-1000, 0-2000, 3000, 6000, and 10,000 PSI.
- Includes air filter, regulator and shut off valve, 3/8" NPT
air driven piston pump p-200

P-200 Series

-Air-driven, lubricated piston pump available from 0-1000 to 0-30,000 PSI ranges.
- 4" dial gauge, liquid filled with QDC (up to 10 K PSI), manifold block and drain valve stainless steel.
- Filter, regulator, lubricator and shut off valve, 3/8" NPT
ps-200 air driven pump non-lubricated

PS-200 Series

-Non-lubricated piston pump available in pressures from 0-500 PSI up to 0-10,000 PSI
- 4" dial all stainless steel gauge, liquid filled, 0.5% accuracy.
- 3/8" NPT Filter-Regulator with gauge
- Stainless steel drain valve
- 1/4" NPT mainfold outlet port
p-300 air driven piston pump

P-300 Series

-Air driven lubricated piston pump available
- Panel mounted 4" dial gauges, pump regulator, and valves
- Bulkhead ports at rear for air, water, drain and est ports
- Filter, regulator, pump lubricator, air shut-off valves included
- Powder coated heavy-duty tubular frame with wheels for mobility
ps-300 air driven pump non-lubricated

PS-300 Series

-Air-driven piston pump with pressure ranges from 0-1000, 1850, 3000, 4500, 8800 and 10,000 PSI
- 8" circular chart pressure recorder, battery operated with adjustable speeds of 96 min. 24 hrs. 7 and 30 days.
- Panel mounted 4" dial gauges, regulator and valves
p-500 air driven piston pump

P-500 Series

-Dual air-driven piston pumps for high-low test with pressures to 10,000 PSI
- Stainless steel manifold block dual gauge with optional relief valve(shown)
- 4" dial gauges, liquid filled with QDC and extra relief valve port.
- Filter, regulator and pump lubricator.
- 28" L x 15" W x18" H, wt: 80 lbs.
p-900 air driven pump non-lubricated

P-900 Series

-High volume air driven piston pump, 10 gpm free flow, 5 gpm @ 2000 PSI
- Available in 0-4500 and 0-6500 PSI ranges.
- Panel mounted 4" dial gauges, regulators and valves
- 1" NPT water inlet, 1/2" NPT test port discharge, 1/2" air inlet bulkhead ports located at the rear

HBT Series

-12 gauge stainless steel tank with 1/2" Lexan inside skin and heavy duty 10 gauge perforated stainless steel tray
- Tubular frame with two layers of 1/2" Lexan, Safety Interclock switch automatically drains test pressure when opened.